دسترسی مقادیر موجود در فایل کامفیگ مثلا نام سایت


echo $mainframe->getCfg(‘helpurl’);

// OUTPUT: http://help.joomla.org

Config Properties

$varname Description
dbtype Type of Database beeing used. For example ‘mysql’
user Database user. For example ‘root’.
db Name of the database, where the Joomla tables are stored. For example ‘joomla’.
dbprefix Prefix of all database tables that are used by joomla. For example ‘jos_’
ftp_host FTP Host used by Joomla. For example ‘localhost’.
ftp_port FTP Port used by Joomla.
ftp_user FTP user used by Joomla.
ftp_pass FTP Password.
ftp_enable 1 if FTP operations are enabled. Else 0
tmp_path Path to the temporary folder of Joomla. Usually the /tmp folder
log_path Path to the log folder of Joomla. Usually the /logs folder
mailer The mailer that is used for the delivery of site-emails.
mailfrom The email address that will be used to send the site-emails from.
fromname The name that will be used to send the site-emails from.
sendmail Path to the sendmail program directory on the host server
smtpauth 1 if SMTP Host requires authentification. Else 0
smtpuser SMTP user
smtppass SMTP password
smtphost SMTP host
debug 1 if debug modus is enabled. Else 0
caching 1 if caching is enabled. Else 0
cachetime maximum time of a cache file to be stored before its refreshed
secret The secret word
editor The default editor defined in the Global Configuratins. For example ‘tinymce’
lifetime The session-lifetime
offline 1 if the site status is ‘offline’, and thus access via the front-end is not possible. Else 0.
list_limit Default lenght of lists. In general this means the number of records to be shown in a list.
helpurl The URL to the selected Help Server
debug_lang 1 if the Language is supposed to be debugged. Else 0.
sef 1 if search engine friendly URLs are activated. Else 0.
sef_rewrite 1 if Apache mod_rewrite is used. Else 0.
sef_suffix 1 if the system adds a suffix to the url based on the document type.
feed_limit Number of content-items to show in the feeds
error_reporting Error-Reporting Value
cache_handler The cache handler that is set in the Global Configurations. For example ‘file’.
MetaAuthor 1 if the Author Meta Tag is supposed to be showed when viewing articles. Else 0
MetaTitle 1 if the Title Meta Tag is supposed to be showed when viewing articles. Else 0
session_handler The session-handler used by Joomla. For example ‘database’.
sitename نام سایت جوملا شما
MetaDesc The Global Meta Description used for the site.
MetaKeys Global site keywords
offline_message The offline message defined in Global Configurations.

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